Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

 Khana Khazana:



•Dark chocolate,chopped 60 grams
•Eggs,separated 4
•Powdered sugar,sifted 1 1/2 cups
•Butter 100 grams
•Refined flour (maida) 1 3/4 cups
•Baking powder 3 teaspoons
•Salt 1/4 teaspoon
•Vanilla essence 2 teaspoons

Preheat oven to 180° C/350°F. Grease moulds or paper cups. Melt chocolate in the microwave on HIGH for one minute. Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk with an egg beater for two to three minutes. Add sugar and continue beating till the mixture is frothy. Whisk the chocolate well. Melt the butter and add to the chocolate and mix well. Sift the flour with baking powder and salt into a bowl. Add the chocolate-butter mixture to the flour along with vanilla essence and mix well. Add the egg-sugar mixture, a little at a time, and mix in the fold-and-cut manner. Add milk to adjust the consistency. Pour the batter into the greased moulds. Fill up only till half mark. Arrange the moulds in a tray and bake in the preheated oven for thirty minutes. You can also cook them in a microwave for about six to seven minutes.




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